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"I feel so blessed that I‘ve met Ethan.
He is not only an inspiration but also  a young man who can see what most of the people in their late 80s aren’t able to see- the world from a quantum perspective.

When we first met during a seminar I was inspired by his energy, he is humble, kind and very serving. We all know, that this world is in the middle of a big shift. A big shift in consciousness where old systems are breaking down and a lot of people are hearing their calling.  Their calling to wake up from that dream.  To find the reason of their existence and real fulfillment. This knowledge is something you can not find in textbooks. You need a real Teacher who already discovered and integrated the truth- a greater level of awareness. A living example. Someone who embodies what is not written in textbooks. 
This is what Ethan embodies to me.

Wisdom and love, devotion and compassion.
An Avatar, a teacher who is here to show you The master inside of you who wants to wake up."




"I had the privilege of benefiting from Ethan’s deep knowledge and passion for meditation, community, and individual and group empowerment. He has been instrumental to my own exploration and growth in these areas which have helped me both personally and professionally. 

In my various professional roles, I am used to being the one who provides the latest science, help others explore new territories of personal growth, and give advice. It is rare that I find myself confident in someone’s else’s skills to provide this for me. Ethan is a rare example of someone who can."







"I met Ethan at a retreat in Mallorca and I can honestly say that Ethan has impacted my life in the most positive and unexpected way. He has the most beautiful loving heart and his love for people and the work he is doing is complete and unconditional. His depth of knowledge and wisdom is exceptional."

"I was introduced to Ethan during the most challenging period of my life to date, and to say that I was moved by his unmatched combination of wisdom, kindness, and humor is an understatement. Ethan not only opened my eyes to possibilities I had not considered for my life but he has continued to give me friendly reminders of what already exists within me and the world at large.


I am grateful to now consider him a teacher AND friend, and I look forward to the days when I get to hear him speak the truths as he sees them."



"I was dealing with a lot of personal and family issues. As a result I was experiencing anxiety and low energy.
My family physician and physiatrist were helping me through this which I am very grateful for however I felt I needed something else too. Ethan was recommended to me by a very good friend and he felt Ethan could help me through my issues and the anxiety I was experiencing through meditation and breathing techniques.

From the very first time I met Ethan I felt I had known him for many years. Just his positive energy and calming demeanour was contagious and reassured me I would get through this difficult time in my life.

Ethan is one of the most knowledgeable person I know. Accompanied with such a positive and calming manner helped me overcome myself. There were many times I came to our sessions feeling very anxious about one thing or another and Ethan always helped me put things in perspective and that whatever the issue was and dwelling on it was not helping me be the person I want to be. This had an instant calming effect on me.

I am very grateful that I met Ethan and that I spent time with him to be the person I want to be. Ethan truly cares about helping people and greater society in general."



"In my experience, having dealt with Ethan, he has proven to be a person who honours his work, and is of fine character and disposition. He is compassionate and relaxed in his approach, not allowing anything to unsettle him. He is passionate and committed to raising consciousness with his work and anyone he connects with."




"I had the opportunity of working with Ethan Claire at a retreat in Dubai. He is the most supportive, funny, open hearted person I’ve met. He has a heart of gold that has space for everyone around him and a smile that makes others feel at peace. I’m very grateful to have met Ethan, and to have crossed paths. He has helped me tremendously."




"When I first met Ethan, he struck me as a very kind young man, who was able to integrate an impressive dose of wisdom beyond his years, with clever creativity and pleasant playfulness. With that I later on witnessed Ethan also demonstrate in various places around the world, a true gift for powerfully connecting with people from a wide range of different ages and levels or cultures."

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