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Recalling his earliest memories, Ethan’s questions always seemed to seek a deeper meaning than the answers he was being given. At the age of 7, he was introduced to a world renowned researcher, quantum physicist and Neuroscientist, Dr. Joe Dispenza. This introduction has led him on a journey over the past 14 years to find answers to his questions, he’s been referred to in the quantum spiritual community as the “quantum pupil” and “prodigy” .
At the age of 16, Ethan began travelling globally seeking answers to his questions, during this time he was able to find answers too many of his questions through being a part of other's transformative journeys. He has assisted hundreds if not thousands of people and has spoken to audiences numbering in the hundreds on his life's journey and transformation.  
Ethan believes that us as humans not only hold the potential to create the life we believe is possible but to do so in an unlimited way.

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Ethan Claire’s mission is to redevelop the common understanding  of the term Meditation and in doing so, giving people the essential tools and understanding to be able to create any degree of change in their life. Whether it be manifesting new experiences or overcoming some aspect of your past, Ethan’s passion is to be able to guide those to do so in an unconventional manner. 

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